General Practitioner & Surgical Assistant

Dr Julia Trayer is a GP and surgical assistant. Julia believes that healthy living is one of the great secrets to happiness, and that it can become a reality for everyone.

As there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to lifestyle and preventative medicine, Julia helps patients find the lifestyle path which best suits them. In general practice, she encourages self-management and focuses on practices such as nutrition, exercise, meditation, mindfulness, Calligraphy yoga and Qi gong. Julia applies these philosophies herself, and in the care of her own children.

Julia recognises the valuable role that medical treatment and procedures can play in enhancing health and wellbeing. As a GP, Julia performs minor procedures in her treatment rooms, and values the opportunity to assist Dr Lara Freeman with upper gastrointestinal and general surgery.

Before moving to Melbourne Julia completed medical training in Sydney, where she also found time to complete post-graduate studies in public health. In her “spare time” she enjoys cooking, vegetable gardening, Qi gong and yoga. Julia believes the weather is better in Sydney, but prefers life in Melbourne – even though she doesn’t drink coffee.