Melissa is highly skilled in the education and assessment of diet pre and post operatively. She is passionate about achieving positive outcomes, and her work in the field of bariatric surgery is motivated by the results she has seen.

She graduated from a Bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University in 2004. She then went on to complete a Graduate Certificate of Health Services Management through Monash in 2012.

Melissa has worked across hospitals and rehabilitation centres in both Australia and the UK. Her passion for working closely with to help facilitate weight loss was sparked as a graduate at Epworth Hospital, working in the bariatric (weight loss) surgical unit. Melissa has since extended her experience working across the obesity outpatient and inpatient bariatric surgical units at Alfred Health. Melissa was the Senior Dietitian and one of the founding allied health team who opened the ABI Rehabilitation unit at Caulfield Hospital. She is skilled at ensuring nutrition is optimised pre and post operatively.

Melissa believes food should be enjoyed, and understands what works for one person may not be practical for the next. Advice needs to be person-centred and tailored to individual’s goals to achieve the best outcomes. Working collaboratively with the multidisciplinary team is also essential as nutrition in the context of bariatric surgery is often multi-faceated. A successful approach requires a realistic and practical outlook. With her unique skill set, exceptional food knowledge and approachable nature, Melissa aims to help you work towards your goals in a non-judgemental supportive environment.